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What I do

100% patient-centred approach

Every patient is important to me. I believe each one is a unique individual who deserves accurate focus and bespoke treatment. This is why my approach is fully patient-centred, cost-effective, thorough, and complex - meaning each patient is thoroughly assessed and treated on a totally individual basis utilising a wide variety of diagnostic and treatment approaches unique to each individual.

Manual muscle testing

This involves evaluating the strength and integrity of individual muscles to identify muscle imbalances or weaknesses that may contribute to pain, limited mobility, or dysfunction.

Chiropractic toggle recoil technique

This technique is a highly specific adjusting method used by a limited number of chiropractors. It focuses on producing very low force, and extremely high-velocity adjustments to specific areas of the spine. 

Applied kinesiology

It incorporates various diagnostic methods such as assessing reflexes, postural analysis, and evaluating biochemical and nutritional imbalances. This will give majour understanding of the underlying causes of a patient's issues.

Diversified chiropractic technique

It involves manual adjustments primarily to the spine but can also address other areas of the body to restore normal joint function, alleviate pain, and improve overall health.

I am passionate about getting patients well 

I often schedule long sessions with patients in order to thoroughly assess and treat patients. My initial consultations are 1.5 hrs and follow-up appointments are typically 30 mins, though follow-up appointments are always tailored in length to the needs of the patient and priced accordingly based on a set hourly rate, meaning patients get what they need and only pay for the time they require to get the best possible results.

I have been fortunate enough to work with a variety of patients over the last two decades from rock stars such as The Who (rock band) to Olympic athletes (Ellie Koyander), but to me, all patients are celebrities and I give 100% to each and every patient every session.

why we do it

Providing chiropractic care since 2002

I have been providing chiropractic care since 2002 and utilise functional testing as part of my diagnostic approach.
I graduated with a first class honours degree in Chiropractic from WIOC.
I am also trained in Gonstead chiropractic assessment and adjusting, Diversified technique, Activator technique, Toggle Recoil technique, Thompson drop, Sacro-Occipital Technique (SOT), CST and a variety of soft tissue techniques including Graston technique, Active Release Technique (ART), Trigger Point Therapy, Percussion Therapy (utilising Theragun Professional).

My experience with muscle testing allows me to diagnose complicated cases

I have in-depth experience using Applied Kinesiology, Afferent Input Technique and other forms of manual muscle testing (MMT).
My experience with muscle testing allows me to diagnose complicated cases that have been resistant to therapies in the past and my thorough approach allows me the time to go as deep as necessary to get to the bottom of patients issues and provide thorough packages of care to restore function and get patients back to there best health.

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